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Progressive Web App ,New Genration of Websites

IntroductionProgressive web apps are websites which can be easily created with some basic coding like HTML and CSS.It's the modern version of website building process which can handle your website more easily and effectively or we can say Combination of the web and apps.Building First PWA The key learnings will be Designing the app with “app shell method, and Making it available Offline.What we NeedA recent version of Chrome. Note, this works in other browsers as well, but we'll be using a few features of the Chrome DevTools to better understand what's happening at the browser level.

Web Server for Chrome, or your own web server of choice

The sample code

A text editor

Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Chrome DevTools
Benifit of building PWA  Convenient and easy to build faster apps Read next Article about Developing PWA

Spotlight Stories ,New way of entairtaiment

Want to enjoy and have some fun with stories Google Spotlight Stories is an Awsome App which offers you great content for your Entertainment .The app downloadble via Google play and iis free .This app offers intractive stories on your mobiile phone which you can enjoy vertually by using a V.R headset or in a Cardboard box .Google adds new stories to the app regulary and the experience of the app is very good.This app is for those people who are bored and want to have some fun .You can either download stories for ofline or just watch them directly although the stories are bigger and consumes more data than a e book otherwise the app is fun and makes your smile with Wonderful V.R Stories.Read more about best android apps on Ascent Digital Newsletter

Search Engine Optimisation Best ways for Optimising a Website

The Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization provides a comprehensive guide for SEO which is very necessary for making your site available and easily accessible by people on the web and if you want your website to do well on search engines than SEO is an better solution.SEO in easy language we can say it is technique of submitting and formatting your website in a manner which is much easier for search engines to crawl as well help finding people relevant information .SEO is very popular among web Developers but majority of people fails to optimise their websites.SEO is an essential element within your website making process. Here is an printable friendly version of SEO by moz which you can read and apply on your website. can try out other things like Guide by Google for Optimising websites and other SEO techniques available on the internet.And Here is the Freebie by google - http://www.g…

How to Write your first Blog Post for a Specific audience

Writing great blog posts requires effort and some basic rules,not everyone is blessed with great writing skills.

People starting new blog faces problems due to their lack of ideas and creativity.Blogging should be a pleasurable experience which you can carry on for lot of years .Your passions and enthusiasm for writing blog post decides your fate in this blogging world.Some Graphic design tutorial can help you learn creating great content for your blog.

"It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable" Text can be a distraction for its users,If people are leaving your site too early-this could lead negative impact on SEO .Understanding audience is much more important ,for SEO point of view Google analytics can help understanding audience much easily.Access it under audience tab > Interests ,in Google analytics.The best you can do is grow your audience via email and Online Marketing tools
The rules which we call fundamental rules are that the…

How to Create a Newsletter in Google Docs for Marketing Your Products

You can use google docs to easily create and customize professional newsletters(emails) and send it to your subscriber via email as an attachment directly ,If you want to send  it in bulk use Mail merge or ultradox add-on's .These newsletters can be used as an marketing strategy for increasing your consumer base.

Create a Newsletter Open Google docs > Select Newsletter template from Gallery Under setting > Apply Color Scheme or font Scheme that you want Under Format > Column Choose one Column spread (works great on mobile devices) or Choose two page spread (If you want to work with design which is tabloid sized)Change the template to include things that you’ll want to reuse in future newsletters, like logo.Add your pictures and text to the template.(Create Graphics)You template is automatically saved to drive For mailing your newsletter go to File > email as an attachment > choose attach as > PDF or any format > and send it to your subscriberFor Bulk Forwarding…

Best Civil Engineering Software and Tools Useful for Designers

Civil Engineering is all about designing and constructing structures which helps in improving life of people and their living standards .For solving design problems Civil Engineers need software's which are easy to use and gives accurate results .Mainly these software's can be divided into three main categories like - Designing and Estimation,Management.

#1 Auto cad - Auto cad is an designing software built by Auto desk inc which uses BIM (Building Information Modeling  workflows ) for designing projects and structures .The software contains two types of workflows such as Basic Drafting and 3d modeling,the basic drafting mode can be used for creating Basic Building designs,Road sections and Contour maps and 3d modelling mode can be used for creating virtual models.

#2 Sketch up - Sketch up (formerly known as Google sketch up ) is an 3d modelling software used for creating 3d models of Building ,Cars,Video Games etc .Sketch up is more user friendly than Auto cad because it can b…

Best Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Whether you are a small startup or a local shops planning for marketing your business online,here are some of the best tools for marketing that should help you bring more people to your product or service or may be used for increasing traffic..

1. Ad Words - One of the best advertising platform which lets you create your ads for targeted audience whether they are local or global and provides efficient management of Campaigns of your ads .Advertising on Ad words can attract more customers than any other platforms because it is designed by google.Signing up for ad words is free you have to only pay when users click on ads or call .Additionally you can use Ad words scripts if you know how to use them.

2. Bing Ads - Billions of people uses search engines everyday for Shopping new Products ,Services. Bing ads is  somewhat similar to Ad Words and provides same services ,the only difference is that you ads will show only on either one of the platforms.You can use both these platforms for pr…