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How to Create a Newsletter in Google Docs for Marketing Your Products

You can use google docs to easily create and customize professional newsletters(emails) and send it to your subscriber via email as an attachment directly ,If you want to send  it in bulk use Mail merge or ultradox add-on's .These newsletters can be used as an marketing strategy for increasing your consumer base.

Create a Newsletter

  1. Open Google docs > Select Newsletter template from Gallery 
  2. Under setting > Apply Color Scheme or font Scheme that you want 
  3. Under Format > Column Choose one Column spread (works great on mobile devices) or Choose two page spread (If you want to work with design which is tabloid sized)
  4. Change the template to include things that you’ll want to reuse in future newsletters, like logo.
  5. Add your pictures and text to the template.(Create Graphics)
  6. You template is automatically saved to drive 
  7. For mailing your newsletter go to File > email as an attachment > choose attach as > PDF or any format > and send it to your subscriber
  8. For Bulk Forwarding choose add-on > Get Add on > search ultradox,mail merge > install ultradocs add-on's(With Ultradox you can merge, generate, send, upload and print PDF documents and even create sophisticated newsletter campaigns)
  9. Select ultradox add-on > after running this add on Choose your subscribers list from a spreadsheet 
  10. You can choose variety of options from this add on like payment request.Html mail etc 
Tip : if your are mailing an attachment - choose attach as > Paste the item itself into the email (the newsletter will be directly visible to your subscriber)for making design changes to the layouts choose columns under format tab.

The Newsletters can be directly created on google docs and than you can import the doc into pdf ,html ,pub for using them on a website or sending it via Html mail.Ultradox and Mail merge both requires you to create list of subscriber on a google excel sheet for bulk forwarding your mails .
Also you can use templates built by mail chimp ,send in blue etc ,the only thing you need to do is adding your content to the newsletter .Here is a sample newsletter  created in google docs.


Sample Newsletter
Well done, you've successfully subscribed to our Newsletter
Your first steps in online success at The Digital Ascent.
A virtual high-five for you, and here's your free ebook(Provide a Link ) for
Your first steps in online success.

Newsletter by Ascent Digital

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