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Want to submit a story? Awesome! Before we proceed, here are a few rules to make sure that your submission is duly reviewed. These rules are applicable for work submitted on Ascent Digital. Your article will be published as a Guest post. 

1. Acceptable Work – We accept only the following types of work: 
  • Small Articles  ( 1-2 Pages )
  • Images for Facebook & Instagram 
  • Long posts for Ascent Digital (1000 words or less) 
  • High quality photographs and artwork
  • Any Promotional Material
  • Back Links

2. Freshness – Work you submit can be from any source – this includes your personal blogs, your personal websites, your personal or group Facebook pages, your Twitter, Instagram or Quora accounts etc. 

4. Originality – If your work has been inspired from another source, please  give credit to that source. Generally, we do not publish articles that look similar to existing content on the web. 

5. Format – You can  submit your work  in any  format, in an image or attachment format. We do accept submissions in JPG, PNG, PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT or any other format.You can also share Your google docs link to us. 

 6. Usage Rights – By submitting your work, you agree to allow Ascent Digital  to publish it on any online medium in a format and manner solely decided by our Writer. However, your name will remain associated with your story at all times, across all platforms and on all mediums. 

EDITOR’S RIGHT TO EDIT – Any work submitted to us is reviewed for, among other things, grammatical accuracy. In many cases, the content is impressive but the grammatical errors lead to rejection. To avoid such situations in future, we will edit the content and publish the edited piece without waiting for the writer to review or confirm This will help us save time and effort.

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